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A new floor has the power to completely reinvent a room.  If you have a flooring project in mind, come visit our warehouse before making a trip to the big box retailers.  We source hardwood flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl and tile, all at bulk pricing and pass the savings on to you.

Style, colors and quantity, will fluctuate based on availability.

We also carry transitions, bull nose, reducers, etc.

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Prefinished Flooring


Due to the many different types of wood species, finish and colors, make sure to bring a sample of your flooring so our experts can help with matching.  

A sampling of flooring currently in stock...

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2-1/4" Tavern - Unfinished Hickory
20 sq. ft per bundle | $60.00/Bundle


5" Woodhouse Oak Engineered
20.78 sq. ft per box | $60.00/Bundle

Tumbleweed (2).jpg

5" Tumbleweed 3/4" solid
25 sq.ft per box | $140.00/Box

Andrade (2).jpg

34.36 sq. ft per box | $120.00/Box

3 1-2 Oak.jpg

Heading 3

3-1/4" #1 - Unfinished Oak
19 sq. ft per bundle | $76.00/Bundle


5" #1 Easy Lay - Unfinished Hickory
15 sq. ft per bundle | $65.00/Bundle

America Relic (2).jpg

6-1/2" America Relics Sequoia
26.5 sq. ft per box | $120.00/Box

Maple (2).jpg

3-1/4" & 5" Maple Greystone
3/4" solid
25 sq.ft per box | $140.00/Box

Iron Gate.jpg

5" Woodhouse Old Town Iron Gate
28 sq.ft per box | $130.00/Box

Estape (2).jpg

7-1/2" Estapa
34.36 sq. ft per box | $120.00/Box

Red Oak Shadow (2).jpg

2-1/2" & 3-1/2" Red Oak Shadow 3/4" solid
25 sq. ft. per box | $140/Box

WoodFlooring-3 (2).jpg

 Engineered Sandstone Oak
19.69 sq.ft per box | $50.00/Box

We also have engineered flooring in multiple styles:
1/2" x 6.5" x 8' - Wire Brushed Hickory, 21.6 sq. ft. per box, $120/Box
      1/2" x 6.5" x 8' - White Oak, 21.6 sq. ft. per box, $120/Box
      1/2" x 7.5" - Frozen Lake,  31.09 sq. ft. per box, $120/Box
      1/2" x 7.5" - Axe Blade, 31.09 sq. ft. per box, $120/Box