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Extra Building Materials

Come See Us!

300 West 53rd Pl.

Denver, CO 80216

Just south of I-25 & 58th across from the Showroom at Furniture Row



Mon-Sat: 8-5

Sunday: 10-5

We Have Two Entrances

North Side of Building

West Side of Building

What is Extra Building Materials?

We supply Denver and the surrounding areas with NEW building materials at lower prices than you'll find in big-box retailers.  We refer to our product as surplus which translates to over-runs, over-stock, mis-ordered, inventory reduction, etc.

Our website will give you and idea of what we have in stock but we highly recommend a visit to Extras to grasp the scope of our product.  It simply isn't possible to put all of our 'stuff' in a website.  While our New Stuff page is updated as frequently as possible, please keep in mind that what you see here is representative of product we have, we have had, and might get again!

We do not keep a computerized inventory of what we have in stock, though we strive to be knowledgeable about what we DO have at any given time.  Feel free to give us a call 303-296-8090 or better yet, swing by and take a lap around our warehouse! 

PLEASE NOTE:  The west-side entrance and dock doors are locked on Sundays, the north side entrance is open.  Thank you for your understanding and we can't wait to see you.

One More Note:

We will gladly help you tie down and secure your load upon request, but we cannot be responsible, or liable for any incident after leaving the premises. Safe drivers, are good drivers!  Also, please help everyone stay safe by keeping children within an arms length at all times and keep your pets on a leash as we have forklifts moving throughout the warehouse at times.  Thank you.