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Based on our research, and our relationship with suppliers, we are typically able to keep these products in stock and maintain Extra's goal of always providing you with quality product at below retail prices.  All of the product below is re-ordered as necessary to try to insure we are never out of stock.

Our window and door selections are always large and everchanging.  Please stop in for a tour.

Green Sheen paint


$15.00 - 1 Gallon

$75.00 - 5 Gallons

cabinet hardware

Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

 Black, Bronze & Satin Nickel

Bathroom Stuff.jpg

Bath Hardware:  Towel Bars (3 sizes),Towel Rings, TP holders, Robe Hooks and Hand Rail Brackets in Bronze & Satin Nickel

Locksets:  Lever and Egg

Keyed Entry, Privacy, Passage & Deadbolts

Chrome, Satin Nickel & Bronze

Door Knobs, Lever knobs
Barn Door hardware

3.5" 1/4 & 5/8 Hinges

in Bronze, Satin Nickel & Chrome

Screws included - $2.00 Each

Barn Door Hardware

78.75" Bronze & Flat Black

98.5" Bronze & Brushed Nickel



Stocked trim translates to trim that we order on a regular basis and have delivered as needed.  So, if you miscalculated your linear footage, this product should still be available.

primed mdf base board trim door casing
Base shoe mold
Anderson base
Door casing primes
Primed door casin
Primed MDF trim 608
Primed 412 base MDF
Primed base trim
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