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Where do you get your stuff?

From the big guys all the way to demo folks.  Close outs, inventory reduction, seconds, auctions, incorrect orders, mismatched, buy-backs and so on.  We've been doing this for a long time, so the list of places from which we get product is long and keeps growing every year!

How often do you get stuff?

Honestly, pretty much daily.  Although, for large loads of product, there really isn't a rhyme or reason to the frequency.  We are always researching and working to find inventory in a price range that allows us to pass big savings onto our customers.

Do you know when you're getting certain products?

Not necessarily but we put a lot of effort into keeping in constant contact with our suppliers and have a rough idea what might be coming available.  It can be hit or miss depending on the inventory we're offered, so if you have an upcoming project, it's worth coming by to check out what we have! 

How are your prices compared to Lowes & Home Depot?

This is a question we get asked almost daily and it's something we can't put a firm figure on across our inventory.  In some cases, we're 50% cheaper, in others it can range between 10-25%.  We always make the effort to compare pricing on everything that comes through our doors with the goal of passing our savings on to you.

Do you deliver or ship?

Unfortunately, we do not deliver or ship product you purchase from our warehouse.

Do you buy stuff from the public?

Absolutely, but there are a LOT of parameters.  First, from our end, we can not afford to pay what the value is in the retail world as we sell our product below retail prices.  Other than that, we'll do our best to take your stuff off your hands.  We can even offer store credit if that works for you!

Do you take donations?

Generally, we don't.  Extras is a for profit business which means we purchase everything we get and it is traditionally new product.  We can't come demo a project for you as we've learned the hard way that isn't a part of our business.  However, if you have extra, unused stuff from a project, feel free to give us a call!

What is your return policy?

For all purchases, we offer store credit on returns within 90 days.  You must have your invoice in hand when returning your purchase.  Please note there is a 20% restocking fee, we do not refund credit cards or cash, and invoices are non-transferable.  Thank you for your understanding! 

How long can I leave my purchases at Extras?

The sooner the better.  While we do have a "sold" area, it is in constant flux and we don't want your product to get accidentally damaged.  In short - if you need to get a truck to get your items,we ask you pick up within a week of your purchase.  We do make exceptions, but we ask you keep in touch with us.  Purchases left for longer than 90 days with no communication are no longer our responsibility and will go back in stock.

Will you help load our purchases?

Absolutely!  If you need assistance loading your purchases into, or onto, your vehicle we are always happy to help.  However, please note, we are not responsible for securing your load for safe travel.  Please do your best to secure your purchase before hitting the roads.

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