The pictures on this page are updated the 1st Friday of every month

More really means more at Extras and since we're surplus anything can happen and if we think it's marketable, we'll give it a go!  Much of our product is a one shot deal and if you see it, you'd best get it or at least put it on HOLD (we will gladly hold most product for 24-48 hours allowing you to check with your spouse, partner, contractor, or customer to insure it's what you need and that it won't be sold during that time).

 Decking doesn't have a devoted page on our website but it has been a constant for a few years as have composite spindles and sometimes deck screws.   Occasionally we get railing panels as well.

Poly-Iso Insulation doesn't have a dedicated page either but it has been a staple at Extras since the beginning.   With the highest 'R' value out there, it can go a long way to saving $ on utilities.  4x4 & 4x8 rigid sheets ranging from 1/2" to 4".

The remainder of MORE can be any number of things applicable from ground breaking to the finishing touches on your space or the one you're flipping or the one your selling.

PLEASE NOTE:  Though this page is update the 1st Friday of every month the pics represent what we may have, what we have had, what we might get again, might get something different but much the same.  It simply isn't possible to put all our "stuff" in a website so we highly recommend a visit to Extras and plan to spend some time.  You can also check the NEW STUFF page as it's updated every Friday morning.