I'm testing out picture uploading, placing, and plain old just playing and having fun with it, so far I'm loving it, but unfortunately I believe I'm not ready for the task, as Al and Marci, (mostly Marci) have a completely different idea on what the website should look like.

If you have a chance take a look at JasonSchwind.com,

that will give you an idea of what I'm up against.

Wish me luck!

Oh lawd a mercy, what does high end hair styling have in common with building materials!  I hadta laff at that one.  I just did a cursory look and its a fab website but for hair not building materials.  I kept extras simple for a reason...you are not dealing with rocket scientists or peeps that spend thousands on their looks.  I'll look at the flow, movement and structure to get a better idea but you'll need to ask them for specifics:  what it is they like about it so you have a place to start.  Make Marcia use her head and point it in a dif direction rather than hating me because that is a colossal waste of time.  Be grateful I worked as hard as I did and did what I did.  I'm grateful for the good I got out of extras. 


That said, anything that has my 'signature' on it is not going to be OK, no mattah, so what they don't know won't hurt them which translates to I can help you build the entire site without anyone being the wiser.  We can do it like Mondo's page and build it all hidden so it can be worked and tweaked without affecting anything.  That's only if you want my help.  You're perfectly capable but it takes time and that isn't something you have at this point but I do!  We'll talk about it and I got yer back, as always.

unfortunately I came to realize that we don't have that many pictures together.
I will leave this blank until we can place a picture of us here
Yeah, we really don't have many :(  We'll hafta remedy that.

I'm really glad you are spending some time with the fam-damily, and also very happy about the phoenix (arising from the ashes with renewed energy to live thru another cycle) picnic table, I sure wish my kids would look at something that I made, and restore it and, or improve it.

You create so many cool things, your kidz will catch on...oh you may not notice them catching on, but they will.  There are bits and pieces of stuff Pop did that still come to me whether physically or just a memory.  I have 2 of his drawings I had framed for him for Father's Day years ago and when we moved Ma here, I got them.

It's in the mementos of those we love the most that we are able to re-live our past, and rember where we came from, and who we really are.

That is lovely Mondo, you really are a romantic and pretty much a true Renaissance man, glad yer in my circle.

Give your family my best regards.

I did, you do the same.  After the babe is born and y'all's lives settle in to a normal pace, we'll do a Sunday gig here.  The yard is coming along but man I had no idea how bad it had gotten.

Gael just might be more into this

He loves wearing a leather jacket, blue jeans, and sunglasses, and when he goes to sleep he tells me he wants to grow up so he can ride a motorcycle, that being said,  I might hide any evidence of my youngster years riding a bike. 

Yer gonna hafta hide a whole lot mo than that Kid!!!

Ain't you the stud!!!  and Gael is pulled right outta yer azzhole.