cabinets & accessories

In the early days Extras had cabinets by the semi load but that was a long time ago.  Since then cabs have always been a part of our inventory in some form or another.  No we don't order cabinets but we continue to try to find them in surplus.  The pictures here represent what we've had in cabinets, for new additions check the NEW STUFF page.


As to cabinet accessories we are the go to for all accessories including flat, batt, shoe, crown, kick, fill strips, doors, hinges, drawer fronts, drawers, glides and so on.  We have racks and racks of cabinet doors in numerous styles and wood species.  Because all manufacturers have individual styles and stains it's tough to redo and entire kitchen unless you're going to paint rather than stain.  If you just need to replace a door or drawer front be sure to bring  a sample of the door style and stain color and remember if your cabinets have been around for a while the color is going to be 'aged'.  That aging process can be expedited by sunbathing the new door but go easy, it will burn just like our skin does.