Family owned and operated, Extras was established while the owners  were remodeling a century old Dutch bungalow in south Denver.  Extra Building Materials has been supplying Denver and surround with surplus building materials since 1996.   After numerous moves we've been at the current location (300 & 400 W. 53rd Place/North Denver) for 13 years.  We started with Unit H, we now occupy Units C & H with entrances on the North and West sides of the warehouse.
To understand the scope of what we have we recommend a visit to EXTRAS.  We do not have a computerized inventory list which means we're not always sure if we have the exact size window, door, etc. you need so bring your list of honey do’s, your measurements (we’ll provide the tape measures),  and we’ll do the best we can to help get that project done.
EXTRA Building Materials
This continues to be a problem, hence my leaving it here. We have a North entrance with LOTS of parking and we have a West entrance with LIMITED parking. DO NOT park in front of Platte Restaurant, they clean kitchen equipment there with CHEMICALS, your car won't like chemicals and you won't like your car being moved by a forklift...yep we've done that :) Please respect our neighbors when parking on the West side. We're not the only business in the area. Thanks in advance.