The NEW STUFF page is updated every Friday morning long before your pretty little head is even off your pillow.  It reflects product we've received throughout the week and runs throughout the month with the occasional product living here for a while.   Newest product is at the top of the page, the further you scroll the older it gets and the very end illustrates our "stocked" product.
PLEASE NOTE:  Sometimes the product on this page sells immediately yet remains on the website, sometimes I label it as sold and sometimes I remove it entirely but not always as it's far more important that we do "live face time" with our customers rather than staring at a screen.  Thanks.
Below are the trim profiles that I order so rather than hit or miss, like most of our product, we always have it and in quantities.  3.25", 4.25" and 5.25".  Not pictured is a 311 which is 2.25 and not an ordered product but we have an entire unit of that.  All of this is primed MDF.
604:  3.25"
608:  5.25"
Plain Jane, easy to clean
411:   3.25"
412:  4.25"
Lotta floof
852:  3.25
952:  4.25
Little floof.
Crown Moulding
3.25" & 4.25"
711 3.25"
Back by popular demand 2/3
Folks, I've taken down our mobile website because it was pitiful.  I know Google is gonna smack my face but until I can create a decent mobile site, they can smack away.  
EXTRA Building Materials
4/13:  852 is back ordered.
Ahh spring...Happy May!
Lots of movement this week and more to come.
A bit of tile and LVT flooring.  Neutral colors in the tile and we're looking at more tile today.
Another pallet of finger jointed, primed door jambs, miscellaneous hardware and the Anderson casing is restocked along with all of our other stocked trim.
A few more small loads of windows and rumor of a big load of windows some in large lots of the same/same, I'll update as those negotiations progress.
Of course more doors.  Da boyz have been working on stocking the racks of hollow core.  More 8', one prehung double Alder pictured and lookie that fat 48"x 79" door.  We have about a half dozen of those.  A couple of prefinished 2 panel Doug Fir doors, ready for barn door world.  Remember we have barn door hardware in brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and I just brought in some black.  That finish is selling fast and since it's a "stocked" item, I can order more.  Scroll below for our stocked product.
Decking.  We brought in another load but in smaller lots.  None of that 1000 s/f unless you want to mix colors...get creative!
Small version of a donut run today to check out a couple of suppliers.  Swing by and say hi!
Website builder issues this morning "long before the crack of dawn"...AND we have been in hail damage mitigation hell since Monday as are a bunch of you, I'm sure.  We almost even have skylights!  No smiley emoticons here.
The mitigation means we're moving a bunch of stuff around to keep it free of drips which translates to sorting doors from the previous mentioned mess (mess= cleaning out a skanky basement warehouse), and we found some sidelights, some commercial metal doors and some cool doors.
Thresholds 36" and 32".
We also bought some fancy medicine cabinets.  These are nice enough they could be used on any wall, not just a bathroom wall!
Since it's business hours, I don't have time to wax poetic, git on in here.
How bout that snow?  Is it June yet?
​Vinyl Siding!  We haven't had vinyl siding in years and just in time for the hail repair and clean up.  Mitten brand (better than the big boyz stuff), Board and Batten and Dutch Lap in varied colors.  There are only a couple of big lots but loads of smaller lots for repair.
Stocked trim is restocked including the 852 (had been back ordered), scroll below for trim samples.  Door stop as well.
Of course more doors and we came upon some 2 panel arch, Hemlock doors 24", 30", 32" and 36".  The good news?  We will be able to get these for a while though it won't be in one big lot.  There are also some 4 panel and 6 panel we'll get over the coming months.  This means you can do your entire house in the same, same in a timely fashion.  I'll update as we get them.  Also pictured is an interior shaker style double Knotty Alder door, lovely thing.
Window and door wrap aka bitch tape (it's a bitch to remove once it's installed).  Protecto Wrap and a couple other brands in a couple different sizes.  
The usual bits and pieces of "stuff" we get on a weekly basis.
Have a great weekend!