The NEW STUFF page is updated every Friday morning long before your pretty little head is even off your pillow.  It reflects product we've received throughout the week and runs throughout the month with the occasional product living here for a while.   Newest product is at the top of the page, the further you scroll the older it gets and the very end illustrates our "stocked" product.
PLEASE NOTE:  Sometimes the product on this page sells immediately yet remains on the website, sometimes I label it as sold and sometimes I remove it entirely but not always as it's far more important that we do "live face time" with our customers rather than staring at a screen.  Thanks.
Below are the trim profiles that I order so rather than hit or miss, like most of our product, we always have it and in quantities.  3.25", 4.25" and 5.25".  Not pictured is a 311 which is 2.25 and not an ordered product but we have an entire unit of that.  All of this is primed MDF.
604:  3.25"
608:  5.25"
Plain Jane, easy to clean
411:   3.25"
412:  4.25"
Lotta floof
852:  3.25"
952:  4.25"
Little floof.
711:  3.25"
EXTRA Building Materials
414d 5.25"
Welcome 2018!
​Well my hope was to have a long list of new stuff with a bunch of new stuff pics but as every year I'm always disappointed in the first week post holidays.  Most all of our suppliers were closed for 4 days 2 weeks running (must be nice), and they're just starting to get back into the swing of things.  Donut run today includes Doors at 2 places, skylights, windows and 2 other "cold calls" that may include timbers and lumber.  One supplier has been on vaca until today so we'll see him next week.  For those of you new to Extras, a donut run means we visit suppliers with fat pills to sweeten the deal.  We also have donuts at Extras...we're nutz about donutz.
Meanwhile this lame week was tile, no huge lots but some nice marble and travertine so far, Judy will get to the rest of it today and tomorrow so we'll have a good idea of what we've got.  A big ol pile of hardware that I have yet to put away.  We did dig out some nice doors and found these lovely sidelights.  Coupled with a nice door, they would make a nice statement.
We did blow a hole in the wall into Unit D and are painting, installing racks and moving a LOT of stuff around.  At this point Unit D is not open to the public, it's storage as we overhaul Units C & H.  
​Happy Friday!
Finally.  The holidays are put to bed, kiddos are back in school, Chrissy decorations are down and it's Stock Show season.  Now if we could have some winter and mebbe a leetle snow, all would be right in my world!
We are gearing back up what with the holidays behind us, the suppliers back to work and Unit D turned into a sorting/storage unit.  We will eventually open that unit to the public but there is a lot to be done before that happens.  I'll keep you updated as we assemble new rack systems, sort doors, poly-iso insulation, etc.
We did see a couple loads of doors, some of the gems pictured below.  Our hollow core door racks are near on empty, we're working on that along with sorting an orphan pile of trim (not pictured).
We brought in 2 loads of insulation (not pictured) and all of that is being sorted so we can actually sell the product instead of groan when someone wants a piece at the bottom of the back row of the rows of bundles.
One of the loads we brought in sported some nice poplar in 2 diff sizes--much of it won't last the weekend.  There is also a small bundle of Cherry, just enough to get one room trimmed. This WILL be around for a while as there are very few people that understand the true beauty of this wood species.  Ahem:  that ubiquitous Alder is referred to as "the poor man's Cherry"   Don't know what ubiquitous means?  Look it up on your smarter than you phone.  smiley emoticon inserted.
Speaking of the Poor Man's Cherry, we have 4 pallets of Ship Lap Alder in 8' & 10'.  Though we didn't open all the pallets, it looks to be relatively clear (not as knotty). This is some nice stuff and it won't last.
We also hauled in 2 pallets of decking:  Evergrain Envision with a funny name I can't remember...Tangled something.  It's brandy new in 16' & 20'  48 pieces per pallet.  That's a big deck!
​Today we pick up a load of windows, no giant ones just normal windows which is a treat given we have hundreds of big 'uns.
Straighten up and fly right this weekend folks, enjoy it!

Yup, there goes another week.
Pretty decent load of doors including a stack of 4 panel-2 light 32" exterior-one of those things that won't last.  Perfect for a back door.  There are a handful of full lite exterior doors as well.  The mirrored door is 6 panel on one side and beveled mirror on the other side..oops, I didn't measure it, not sure how big it is.  Pine bi-folds and some small 2 panels.
Windows from 3 different suppliers including some little ones, some sliding glass doors and 2 big bay windows.  In my next life, I'm going to have a big ol' bay window and take naps in it.
​The usual pile of Thursday OSB.
In our continued efforts to revamp, we will be moving a lot of stuff around, including racks and such.  Bear with us and remember there is a lot of forklift movement please pay attention to your kidz.
 I don't feel like waxing poetic so have yerselves a great weekend and git on in here.