The NEW STUFF page is updated every Friday morning long before your pretty little head is even off your pillow.  It reflects product we've received throughout the week and runs throughout the month with the occasional product living here for a while.   Newest product is at the top of the page, the further you scroll the older it gets and the very end illustrates our "stocked" product.
PLEASE NOTE:  Sometimes the product on this page sells immediately yet remains on the website, sometimes I label it as sold and sometimes I remove it entirely but not always as it's far more important that we do "live face time" with our customers rather than staring at a screen.  Thanks.
Below are the trim profiles that I order so rather than hit or miss, like most of our product, we always have it and in quantities.  3.25", 4.25" and 5.25".  Not pictured is a 311 which is 2.25 and not an ordered product but we have an entire unit of that.  All of this is primed MDF.
604:  3.25"
608:  5.25"
Plain Jane, easy to clean
411:   3.25"
412:  4.25"
Lotta floof
852:  3.25"
952:  4.25"
Little floof.
Crown Moulding
3.25" & 4.25"
711:  3.25"
EXTRA Building Materials
Ah November, where did you come from?
​Folks, the first picture has nothing to do with product, rather it's a shining example of how NOT to park.  This guy wins the award for stupidity given he managed to block two docks.  Yup, not one but TWO.  Do yourselves a favor and DO NOT BLOCK THE DOCKS.  Any dock.  These are called "LOADING" docks, not parking docks.  And yes I mean do yourselves a favor because you do not want my wrath if you park like this.  This poor fool had his tail between his legs when I was done with him.  Nuff of that.

Cabinets:  Not a monster haul as there are only 2 full sets and one is small.  Another supplier had a couple sets of vanities and linen closets that were misordered.  At this point there is no negotiating on the cabinets and the sets are sold as sets though I will make an exception on the vanity sets.  There may be more next week but as I always say:  don't hold your breath it'll make ya turn blue.

​Couple loads of windows from different suppliers, some more doors (not all are stocked, we'll get to those today).  Another couple of pallets of doors to be picked up today. The exterior French door is a Weather Shield 6ox6'8" and includes the hardware, the other doors pictured are 34" OUTSWING (swings outside rather than in), and have a raised threshold.  These were spec'd for apartments and were 3/4" off spec so no go for the supplier but they work for us!  Couple pallets of sidelights as well.

Sheet goods.  Some white 1/2" melamine particle board core and the particle board pictured is not new rather it's a pain in my backside.  I didn't want this stuff when we got it and I REALLY don't want it now, it's in my way.  Need a quick floor?  This is your answer.  Carve something in it, clear coat and off you go!

​One more gripe before I go:  PLAN ahead if you are hauling product.  Example #1:  20' decking does not fit in a 13' box truck, it lands on 58th Ave (admittedly that's  better than I-25), Example #2:  A 42"x8', heavy azz exterior door will not fit on a Jeep Cherokee roof rack-you won't have a roof rack or a door by the end of that Aspen no less (that mountain mentality is something else!).  Example #3:  4x8 sheet goods will not fit in the trunk of a beater passenger car or any car for that matter.  Yup folks, it's been an interesting week at Extras.  I beg you to use common sense when picking up product because we won't load you.  We all travel those highways to hell in Denver and know what it looks like if someone loses a load:  it causes wrecks, it stops traffic and lawd knows there's already enough of that, we simply won't risk it.
​Have a groovy weekend, be safe out there and love the ones you're with. (not sure where that came from :) )
​Doors, doors, and more doors.  A total of 15 pallets from 3 different suppliers.  The door racks are full with a few stacks to back up when those go away.  These sell fast so get your measurements, your swing and git on in here.  As always there are a few gems.  3o x 6'8" with 2-14" side lights WITH blinds Side lights have blinds, too!  The white arch thing was obviously intended for glass but something went wrong somewhere along the production line and Extras ended up with them (there are 2 of 'em).  These would be way cool in the garden, no?  A 42" Fir with arched glass & sidelights would make a huge statement on a big ol house.  The panel in the door shrunk at some point so this will need some work but it's def worth the effort.  We also got a bunch of glass inserts and doors with precut holes and are making doors with glass.  This is a crummy pic but these things don't photograph well (much like me) so you'll just have to come see!
There is also a pallet of 3.5" s2s (smooth 2 sides-rounded both sides) 8' primed MDF (not pictured and assorted goodies that came in throughout the week.  Have a great weekend!
​Happy weekend before Thanksgiving!  
We've kept it runnin' full tilt this week.  We had a delivery or a pick up every day and with any kind of luck we'll get it all sorted in the next couple of dayz.
Windows:  We pretty much get windows weekly whether it be a truckload of ours from a supplier, an installer that has mis-measured, a small window company (family owned and operated, like us), or a guy whose wife has demanded that the garage be cleared out for the winter.  These week was all three.  Fair sized lot from a supplier, family owned and operated out of CO Springs and the huzband with 8 Andersens (not pictured) and I'll be damned, he was spending the money on his wife's birthday...I paid more than my usual price for those :) !  The Andersens pictured are some gems. White metal clad including the brickmould, pine interior, 2 sizes (I think there are 8).  Worth a look if you're doing a new build or remodel.  The real crummy picture is sliding patio doors, I couldn't get far enough away to get a decent pic but we do have some sliders.
2 new trim profiles:  Anderson base: 2-1/4, 16', Anderson case: 2-1/8, 17'.  One of our suppliers has cottoned on that we're a fair sized ticket in the stocked trim area and wants that biz so this isn't a "stocked" trim (meaning there are no guarantees that it will be re-ordered), but we did get full units so it will be around for a while.
3 truckloads of stuff from one supplier:  1x12 Pine, smooth one side, 1x4 pine-think it's smooth both sides (oops), square edged ship lap pine in 2 sizes and some wire brushed Cedar (Cedar is on HOLD already and is not pictured).  Orphan pile of decking and 2 orphan piles of lumber all of which need to be sorted.  Plastic 4x8 lattice.
Note:  If you scroll down, you'll see there are a lot of SOLD signs in the pictures.  I could take these out and revamp the whole November page but it illustrates how quickly stuff moves at Extras which is why we have a 48 hour hold policy on most all of our 'stuff'.  This gives you enough time to get the correct measurements, check with your spouse, customer, whatever with no money down.  Its a courtesy to you because it's here one minute, gone the next and please be aware:  we don't refund money rather it's a store credit within 90 days, 20% restocking fee.
Give thanks folks and be safe
If you're the one of the eegits driving like a maniac on 1-25, I suggest you leave a little earlier.
Thanksgiving Hours
Wednesday:  8-3
Thanksgiving:  CLOSED
Regular hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Be thankful and strap on that feed bag!