The NEW STUFF page is updated every Friday morning long before your pretty little head is even off your pillow.  It reflects product we've received throughout the week and runs throughout the month with the occasional product living here for a while.   Newest product is at the top of the page, the further you scroll the older it gets and the very end illustrates our "stocked" product.
PLEASE NOTE:  Sometimes the product on this page sells immediately yet remains on the website, sometimes I label it as sold and sometimes I remove it entirely but not always as it's far more important that we do "live face time" with our customers rather than staring at a screen.  Thanks.
Below are the trim profiles that I order so rather than hit or miss, like most of our product, we always have it and in quantities.  3.25", 4.25" and 5.25".  Not pictured is a 311 which is 2.25 and not an ordered product but we have an entire unit of that.  All of this is primed MDF.
604:  3.25"
608:  5.25"
Plain Jane, easy to clean
411:   3.25"
412:  4.25"
Lotta floof
852:  3.25
952:  4.25
Little floof.
Crown Moulding
3.25" & 4.25"
711 3.25"
EXTRA Building Materials
The next generation!  
No your kidz can't climb on the forklift, but Mondo's can with supervision.
 Ain't he cute!
Yup, it's
Another one of those weeks where I didn't even know it was Friday until Friday morning or Thursday eve when I get home and realized I didn't get enough pictures for the update.  Whew.  I left last weeks' update here because it illustrates the windows-the Andersen 400 series are almost gone.  Out of 80 we have 20 left, all the same size-roughly 30x73 (around that size).  All of the almond vinyl are still available.
The second load of Andersens are in, all vinyl, varied sizes and styles all in the 100 series..least ways I think they are, we just got them off the racks so as to return those when they deliver the doors that wouldn't fit safely on our truck.  I did see a couple storm doors.  We also have another HUGE window deal in the works.  This one has been simmering for about 6 months which means it's "bigger and better", I'll update next week.
2 loads of misc. timbers, lumber, decking (the big lot sold immediately), etc., and some way cool reclaimed beams, you can kinda se 'em in the pic of the bed of the truck but you'll just hafta come in to see them in real life...ahem, they're still in that pallet so we haven't really 'seen' them.  Included in one of those loads is some T&G Sikkens Teak stained pine.  Gorgeous stuff, about 400 s/f and this is exterior treated.  It would make a killer She Shed.  Price this stuff out before you low ball us :)
​Another load of Poly-Iso though most of it has sold as well.  We will be getting more, maybe today.
2 cast iron 'shower tubes', also known as bath tubs (inside joke), both are cast iron and one was intended for the Oxford Hotel!  Cool as hay-ell!  It's deep enough to take a nap!
I can't remember what else came through the doors, you'll just have to come visit and when we're like this I give the kid lecture:  IF you bring your children to Extras pay attention to them, we do not provide babysitting and we will not hesitate to tell you, it's safety and we won't be responsible for irresponsibility. 
Hmm, Friday already?  Unlike last week, I remembered it was Thursday yesterday but like last week, I don't have much to show but lots to share.  Adams County has a new Fire Marshal that is cracking the whip which translates to our having to replace all of our racks with wire shelving...yikes!  We have a handle on it but you will be seeing some changes at Extras as this is the perfect opportunity to revamp some areas.
5 panel (raised panels), interior, hollow core doors-prehung and slab, varied sizes about 20 and they won't last.  A handful of drywall (won't last the day is my guess), some T-1 11 4x8 that came in late yesterday.  Anderson case is restocked as is door stop.  A bit of this and that which is the stuff that doesn't usually make it here.
We made a deal on some flooring:  LVT flooring, 2 loads are in, will be inventoried and marked today.  Hardwood Flooring, Engineered in fair sized lots, much of it in today.  OSB in this morning, Tile in sometime today but the time frames on these are TBD, just depends on whose ready for us (and of course Friday traffic).
Traffic:  folks we travel those highways every day and know how bad it is but we still close at 5:00 so if you're planning on shopping, picking up product etc., I'd suggest you plan accordingly because like Walmart, closed is closed.  The lights go out and we're out the door to go sit in traffic.  Thanks for your understanding.
The HUGE window deal is sealed, we start hauling next Tuesday.  All vinyl in all kinds of sizes and styles.  This is roughly 600 windows so we should have something for everyone in vinyl window world.  We're going to try to get the small ones in first..ahem, we have to create the rack for them first but that too, will happen.
Git on in here!
​Happy Friday!
Yanno, the month wouldn't be complete without some tech issue:  why o why are some pictures clear as a bell and others affected by the fluorescent lights and why o why does it change from day to day?  And o my server is down so I'm missing a couple of pics (more than a couple), fortunately I had the wherewithal to send most of them last eve.  bleh.
Yup, windows.  Close to 400 in this week and they are all over the place.  Over 300 from one supplier and 60 plus from another.  Both pics are crummy but one illustrates the new small window rack with a LOT of small windows, many of them fixed.  Da boyz have been bustin' some butt to get the racks moved, up to code (mentioned in last weeks update), and restocked.   There will be more windows and some sliders next week but be forewarned, most of the sliders are 8' tall.
LVT is almost all in place (more rack design required) and priced.  3 large lots of engineered, some medium lots of 3/4" hardwood and a lovely bunch of 3/4", 5" & 2-1/4" Black Walnut.
More tile and setting product.  There are 6 more pallets of setting material and we may try to bring those in today.
Not pictured are the 2 piles of woood.  Some 3x product, small lot of weathered (on purpose), 3" T&G, would make a nice wall and misc., pieces of woood.
OSB in today (about 50 sheets), a load of Poly-Iso which completes a huge order we had so there is more available for the smaller jobs, more of that next week.  
We've been negotiating a huge lot of siding and outside stuff, waiting on list via email (as usual).  Of all the suppliers there is only one that responds in a timely fashion.  meh.
I've been at this for near on 2 hours and I hafta clean my house for the housecleaners, SEE ya!
o, the server is back up!  Too late, you'll just have to git on in here!