The NEW STUFF page is updated every Friday morning long before your pretty little head is even off your pillow.  It reflects product we've received throughout the week and runs throughout the month with the occasional product living here for a while.   Newest product is at the top of the page, the further you scroll the older it gets and the very end illustrates our "stocked" product.
PLEASE NOTE:  Sometimes the product on this page sells immediately yet remains on the website, sometimes I label it as sold and sometimes I remove it entirely but not always as it's far more important that we do "live face time" with our customers rather than staring at a screen.  Thanks.
Below are the trim profiles that I order so rather than hit or miss, like most of our product, we always have it and in quantities.  3.25", 4.25" and 5.25".  Not pictured is a 311 which is 2.25 and not an ordered product but we have an entire unit of that.  All of this is primed MDF.
604:  3.25"
608:  5.25"
Plain Jane, easy to clean
411:   3.25"
412:  4.25"
Lotta floof
852:  3.25
952:  4.25
Little floof.
Crown Moulding
3.25" & 4.25"
711 3.25"
EXTRA Building Materials
Happy Friday!
...or is it Wednesday, maybe Thursday?  I can't even figure out what day it is what with Monday on Wednesday.  Suppliers are on vacation, out of the office, out of their wait, that's me.
All of that translates to a slow week in all ways.  Slow means we move stuff around, restock, reorganize and so on.  It also means there wasn't a whole lot of action on new product but I'm guessing next week is gonna be nutz.
We did get a load of cheeeeep poly-iso insulation.  These are all 4x4 bundles of assorted sizes, some tapered some not.  We don't sort these anymore, it's just too much labor but we do sell them for $60 vs $150.00 a bundle so if you're shoving it in an attic, under concrete, in a crawl space, etc., the price is right.
We did get 2 loads of doors but not much to shout about...a lot of 8' hollow core that go straight to the dump because we just don't have enough room for them.  I mean c'mon, if you're building an 8' door size house why o why are you using hollow core doors?  We have hundreds of beautiful 8' Knotty Alder doors at hollow core door prices (or close).  Step it up a notch!  By the way you can use these beauts for barn doors.
On the subject of barn doors, we unearthed 2 each 8', 15 lite doors-how bout a wall o light from one room to the next.  I know the pic isn't so great but you get the picture, pun intended.
The other 3 pics are from "the mess" which I've been whining about for months.  The Mess was the emptying of a skanky warehouse basement...decades of forklift smoke dust, old dust, skanky dust piled on decades of hoarding.  We're almost through all of it and I found these little gems:  18x36 mirrors (good mirrors, the way they used to make them), a key box, a cool mailbox (not pictured), and a tampon/kotex machine...oh tee heeeee.  Were I a retired woman, I'd make some art outta this thing.
​I sure said a whole lot for not much new!  Have a fun, safe weekend folks.
​Another Friday, another month blowing by.
Yup, those are cabinets in the pics.  Only one full kitchen, lots of wall cabs, lots of vanities and some onesie, twosies.   You can order more at Alpine Cabinet Co, in Timnath and no, we won't order them for you.
Of course more doors in stock, pictured are 2 pre-hung exteriors and a beauty Mid-Mod in Hem-Fir.  All are 3ox6'8"
Load of wooood today in varied species and sizes.  The list says "unit of 4x4"  but I'm not sure what shape they're in until I see them.  We did get another load of 4x6 fir (varied lengths), and 2x12x16 in the primed stuff.  The final load of that pile comes in today along with some decking.  
​Mondo and I are doing a donut run today to look at a BUNCH of wooood, some decking and who knows what else from a supplier we haven't heard from in a long time.  Few other stops along the way that could generate some windows, doors and more goodies as always.
Have a great weekend and HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND to MONDO!
​I think I say this every month...another month almost gone.
As always more doors and as always a few pictured.  We found a bunch of the 3 panel in 30", this is a popular door style these days so chances are good we have them in all sizes.  The half lite is a 32" and won't last long nor will the 3 lite exterior.
Cedar 1x10 and some Redwood 4x4 posts (4x4's won't last the weekend.)
Pile o' Poplar in varied sizes and profiles.
​Loads of Linoleum rolls.  Last time we got these they were small lots but not this time.  There are some rolls with a lot of square footage so if you want to do some floors on the cheap, this is the answer...linoleum has come a long way, some of this stuff is pretty nice for plastic ;).
More mirrored medicine cabs and some of these are snazzy.  They don't necessarily need to be med cabs, they could easily hang in an entry hall for a quick peek in the mirror before you leave the house and can hold keys, gloves, etc.
The last 2 pics illustrate what happens to those cabs that useless.  The cab shells are great for those of you that just need a face frame or shell to replace that water damaged cabinet without having to build a cab.  The cart has drawers, cabinet glides, screws, etc.  We strip the damaged cabinets, part out the remains and put 'em in stock.  We were born green so we try to get the most out of everything and toss as little as possible.
Have a happy weekend!