"Where do you get all your stuff?"
From the big guys all the way to demo folks. Close outs, inventory reduction, seconds, auctions, train wrecks, mis-ordered, mis-matched, buy-backs and so on. We've been doing this for a lot of years so the list of places from which we get product is long and keeps growing.
"How often do you get stuff?"
Honestly, pretty much daily though it may only be a lone window or door. As for the large loads of product, there really isn't rhyme or reason to it, rather we research and work it until its within our price range with the ultimate goal of passing on a savings to the consumer. 
"Do you know when you'll be getting a certain product?"
Unfortunately we do not.  We do order locksets (passage, privacy, entry, dead bolts and dummy) in 2 styles, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel and Chrome.  Hinges in Oil Rubbed bronze and Brushed Nickel 5/8ths and 1/4" radius, bath accessories in  and some drawer pulls.  Other than those products it's a hit or miss, usually a hit as there is SO MUCH stuff!

The good news is, when we know we're getting a truckload of 'stuff' we let folks know as it takes a week or so of planning, "workin' the deal" and oh...having the dollars to finalize the deal helps (so git on in here and buy something!)

​"Do you ship?"
"How are your prices compared to Home Depot/Lowes?"
This is a question we get asked almost daily and isn't something on which we can put a firm figure straight across the board. In some cases we're 1/2 price, in others 10% less, 25%, less, etc. We do make the effort to compare pricing on most everything that comes in the door with the same goal mentioned above and that is to pass on a savings to the consumer.
"Do you purchase from the general public"
Absolutely but there are a LOT of parameters. First from our end is we cannot afford to pay what the value is in the retail world. We sell BELOW retail prices...no brainer, huh? If you want closer to retail, try craigslist. When you tire of that and are tired of moving it around or getting grief about it being in the way, come see us. We'll do our best to take it off your hands. Store credit? You bet!
"What is your return policy?"
Store credit within 90 days of invoice and you must HAVE your invoice (which by the way is not transferrable), 20% restocking fee. We do not refund credit cards or cash. Thanks for your understanding.
​Is your stuff new?
Most everything in our warehouses is new though we do have some product that is "gently" used (we won't take it otherwise).  We are a family owned and operated business, not a nonprofit which translates to: we purchase what we have.
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